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STU Metric Range

Hi-Force STU series sub-sea bolt tensioners are designed and manufactured to suit the demanding requirements of divers operating in harsh sub-sea environments. With an easy to operate two piece design comprising of a quick fit/ release threaded puller and a hydraulic load cell with integral bridge and an extra long 1.18 inch piston stroke to reduce re-setting operations. Hi-Force STU series sub-sea bolt tensioners offer a consistent, reliable and cost effective method of tensioning sub-sea bolted joints. All hydraulic load cells are suitable for different thread sizes and interchangeable quick fit/release pullers can be ordered separately, as required, resulting in even greater flexibility and cost savings.

  • Capacities from 29 to 279 tons

  • Bolt sizes M24 to M90 diameter

  • Working pressure 21750 psi

  • Single acting design with manual piston retraction

  • High grade alloy steel construction

  • Simple two piece design for easy operation by divers subsea

  • Visible maximum piston stroke indicator

  • Dual quick connect couplings for easy connection

  • Designed to fit most sizes of ANSI and API flanges and some Compact flanges

  • Interchangeable quick fit pullers to cover secondary bolt sizes for each STU model

  • Customized and special design tensioners are available on request


STS Metric Bolt Tensioner  Specifications      

Note: Tommy bars are not included. Hi-Force recommends one tommy bar for every four tensioners. Please note that the tommy bar listed will fit related quick fit puller; a different size may be required for the drilled hexagon nut.

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