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SBT Components - Standard

The modular design of Hi-Force SBT series spring return hydraulic bolt tensioners enables the user to adapt an existing SBT tensioner assembly to another thread size, within the tensioner range, by purchasing individual components or a simple conversion kit. By changing the required components, Hi-Force SBT bolt tensioners offer the user even greater versatility at an economical cost.

Tensioner models SBT3, SBT4 and SBT6 are available with two different bridge sizes, hence always check whether or not the required thread change is possible within the bridge size. DO NOT mix components and make sure that all components match up. A large bridge will require the usage of a long threaded puller to ensure sufficient thread engagement, as well as a large size nut rotating socket.

The table below provides all the information to select the components, comprising of short threaded adapter, load cell, small bridge, small nut rotating socket and tommy bar, to modify your existing tensioner to suit another bolt size. Changes are only possible within the same tensioner size. It is essential that all the components or selected conversion kits have the same suffix as the target tensioner size (i.e. B1, B2 or B3).

To change from SBT3-162B1 to SBT3-187B1 would require conversion kit CKS3-187B1 only.
To change from SBT3-187B1 to SBT3-200B2 would require conversion kit CKS3-200B2 and bridge STS3-B2.

  • Use with SBT Imperial Spring Return Tensioners

  • Modular design

  • Offers greater versatility


SBT Standard Bolt Tensioner  Component Specifications 

Complete Tensioner                                                     Individual components                                                             D & E

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