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Pressure Transducer & Digital Display

The Hi-Force HPT1 pressure transducer offers an economical solution for precise pressure measurement in many different applications. Offering an accuracy of 0.5%, this universal pressure transducer is capable of measuring hydraulic pressure up to 10000 psi (700 bar).

The Hi-Force HDD1 digital display complements the HPT1 pressure transducer for applications where remote pressure reading is preferred. A cable permanently attached to HDD1 terminates with an M12 receptacle which connects to the HPT1 pressure transducer. A choice of pressure unit in bar or psi is easily selected via panel buttons, conveniently located below the LCD display that provides clear easy to read measurements. Additional features include minimum and maximum value, average value, tare offset and reset.

  • Pressure readings in bar and psi

  • 0.5% full scale accuracy

  • Maximum working pressure 10000 psi

  • IP65 enclosure rating

  • Compact size with large LCD display

  • Suitable gauge mounting blocks available


System Components

Pressure Transducer & Digital Display Specifications

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