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Winshaw - Your Partner in Construction

At Winshaw we always appreciate the opportunity to be a part of a construction project. Having a background in “heavy lifts” we’ve been honored to help in bridge building, wind farm installations and many other major projects.

When participating in large scale construction projects, we are typically called on to supply hydraulic systems which are either mechanically locking, post tensioning or synchronous lift.

The mechanically locking cylinders we recommend are the HFG or the HFL models. These cylinders have a threaded, locking ring around the piston. Once the piston has been extended the ring can be run down the threads and made flush with the top of the cylinder body. In this way, the cylinder can be left in place almost indefinitely and even if it loses pressure will remain at the locked height. We typically provide high tonnage cylinders like the HFG2506 which has a capacity of 282 tons with a 6” stroke. When vertical space has been a limiting factor we have supplied cylinders like the HFL2502. It has 287 tons capacity but has a shorter overall height with a 2” stroke.

The other types of cylinders we typically supply to construction projects are the hollow cylinders like the HHS606. These cylinders have a 67 ton capacity and 6 inches of stroke. They also boast a 2.17” central hole in the middle of the cylinder. These cylinders are usually used for post-tensioning work and there are many different cylinder models if the project requires a different capacity or stroke. Aluminum hollow cylinders like the HHA504 are also available for when the project is expected to demand manual handling and positioning of the cylinders.

Finally, some really great technology is the ability to extend all the cylinders in a system in sync with each other (synchronously). As you may have seen, hydraulic fluid will take the path of least resistance in a system. Therefore, if you have one pump in a system and two cylinders, the cylinder with the least load will extend first. This can be problematic if you are trying to keep the load level during lifting. Fortunately the SLF and the SLV synchronous lifting systems can be used to precisely lift and lower up to 32 single acting or double acting cylinders all at once.

By pairing the right cylinder type and model with the right pump and system components, Winshaw has been able to support numerous construction projects. No pun intended….

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