How to work on stubborn cylinders:

The first step in working on a cylinder (or hydraulic ram) is usually removing the gland. There are sometimes reverse glands on cylinders for service trucks, but for this article we are looking at gland nuts which are found on the rod side. Hopefully, you have a gland nut which comes out easily, but if it is stuck and won’t come out then you have to get a bit more aggressive.

  • Put an extension handle or a large adjustable wrench or spanner wrench on the handle of the stop ring tool to give more leverage.

  • Place 2 suitably sized blank punches in the holes and place a flat bar central to the cylinder so you can use both hands to loosen (making sure the bar is flat against the piston and doesn’t twist)

  • Place a blind punch of suitable size at an angle in 1 of the holes and use a hammer to loosen (this may cause some minor damage that may need machining out or a complete replacement of the gland nut)

  • In the worst case scenario you may also want to heat up the cylinder in order to melt any Loctite. This will also melt or destroy some of the seals at the same time. By using some or all of these tactics you should be able to get the gland ring out of the cylinder.

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