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Double Acting Air Powered Fluid (Hydrotest) Pump

Here is a quick shot of the set up of a double acting air powered fluid pump. This is the same sort of pump you would see in a hydrotest cabinet or even in hydraulic bolt tensioner pump. Some very common pumps, which we utilize extensively are the fluid pumps from SC Hydraulic. The reservoir is added on this model since the fluid being used for this pump is hydraulic oil and it will act as the supply for the two double acting cylinders. The slightly blue-ish square in the center of the picture is the back of the selector valve. This is the valve were you can select advance or retract (supply and return). This particular valve has a closed center so it will build pressure in the center position, but when it gets to full pressure it will stop. Also, you may notice that there is a PRV (pressure release valve) installed to prevent any possible over pressure of the cylinders. Finally, we put the regulator inside the cabinet so that the pressure would stay where it was set by the technicians for the operation.

If you have a system you would like to set up with an air powered fluid pump or you would like to discuss this system, please contact us at