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Difficult bolting applications require imaginative solutions:

When a nut and bolt is in a difficult location to access, it can be really hard to work on. When that nut is over 5” and the tools are equally beefy, it can make the work that much more difficult. Adding to complications are the safety (HSE) weight restrictions regarding what weights can be manually lifted. Normally, you might be able to use a lifting point and an overhead winch or tool balancer of some type as a solution.

At Winshaw, we happened to have a customer with just those same issues to consider, except there was also an overhang! Meaning that an overhead lifting apparatus could not be used to position the tool. Therefore, a new solution to the problem had to be developed and it had to be done relatively quickly in order to meet project schedules. What we developed was a “tray” which could lift the tool on and off the nut.

In this way, an operator could position the tool over a nut and then lower it directly onto the nut below it.

Then when the operation was done, the tray could lift the tool off of the nut so that it could be repositioned over another nut. If you need a tray or have a difficult issue and need a solution, please email us at

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