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Advantages of Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders

Aluminum hydraulic cylinders are just like other hydraulic cylinders in hydraulic systems, where the hydraulic piston is housed inside the cylinder barrel. However, because they are aluminum they are lighter and easier to handle manually than the standard, steel cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders, in general, can be custom made to fit just about any space and can also be manufactured from different types of metals, which have their own, specific characteristics.

Below we’ll highlight the many advantages of aluminum cylinders and give examples of standard single acting and double acting aluminum hydraulic cylinders.

How are aluminum hydraulic cylinders different?

The differences and advantages of aluminum cylinders are in their weight. Unlike heavy steel cylinders, aluminum cylinders are lightweight and perfect for applications where the weight of the hydraulic components is important. Because of their weight, aluminum hydraulic cylinders can be more easily moved or removed for maintenance, operations or substitution.

Types of aluminum hydraulic cylinders