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On-site Services

At Winshaw, it isn’t about what we can do or the services we provide. Really it is more about what you need for your project. Sure sometimes things can be straight forward and a project may only require a little outside assistance. Other times, you may want to actually “partner” with a service provider due to the size and importance of the scope where you would like support. With that in mind, Winshaw can certainly offer the following services:


  • Hydraulic torque wrench bolting

  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning and de-tensioning

  • Manual torque wrench bolting

  • Hydrotest

  • On site repair services


However, we can also offer the sort of ancillary services which will contribute to the overall success of the project. For example, if you would like help during the bidding phase of a project, we are happy to work with you to identify what the cost would be. We can also work with you when projects are more complicated and one of our services needs to be more comprehensive. For example, if a “turn key” sort of approach is preferred.

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