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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tool Training

Winshaw Hydraulic Tools offers a range of training courses in the safe operation, correct use, service and repair of all the leading brands we represent. Our training courses combine a first-class education in both theory and practical elements of correct tool use and maintenance. The training also focuses on ways to ensure accidents and injuries are avoided and that the tools chosen are the right ones for the job. 

Our training courses are ideally suited for onsite engineers, technicians, health and safety representatives and maintenance department personnel. Really, anyone involved in the operation, use and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tools can benefit from our training courses. Each of our instructors have used these tools themselves in the field so they stand ready to provide introduction to the tools but to also provide real world examples and “hard won” best practices.

Winshaw Hydraulic Tools is totally committed to improving the technical knowledge of both our customers and our own employees through our investment in our training curriculums. It is our goal to not just supply world class products, but to also provide training in correct and proper use and maintenance of those products.

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