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Project Management, Project Support & EPIC

The management at Winshaw Hydraulic Tools has extensive experience in project management, project support and the completion of EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning) contracts which relied heavily on hydraulic tools and systems for their completion. Therefore, we offer our services in project management to our customers who may have a contract which requires a certain degree of hydraulic tooling, bolting, torquing, tensioning, heavy lifting or hydrotesting. 


For example, Winshaw Hydraulic Tools is able to offer custom, on-site bolting services designed to maintain the integrity of bolted joints (across multiple industries) where the safe movement of hydrocarbons in a leak free environment is absolutely critical. 

Customers of our onsite bolting services can select the required support to extend manpower and operational supervision. Additionally, we can also offer onsite training from our highly competent team of supervisors, trainers and technicians. 

In addition to onsite bolting services, Winshaw Hydraulic Tools has participated in several projects and operations involving on-site lifting and jacking projects. Our managers and technicians are highly skilled and trained in the safe and proper use of our tools and can act as a resource on customer site locations.

Our onsite lifting and jacking services usually relate to heavy lift applications that require multiple numbers of lifting cylinders or jacks. We can work with equipment which the customer may already own and can also make suggestions as to ways to make the operation run more smoothly, quickly and safely. Of course, anytime a customer permits us to be even a small part of their project our only goal is to support their and to act as a “guest” on their site.

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