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Services We Offer 

We provide the services which we would look for ourselves. Since you probably have more than one type of tool or hydraulic system in your company, we offer more than just a handful of services. We offer the services which we find are most commonly requested when it comes to maintaining hydraulic or pneumatic equipment.


For example, if you are using several types of hydraulic torque wrenches and pumps then you might need a repair. In that case, our technicians can repair your tools and pumps. You may also need to certify the torque wrench and the gauge for the pump at the same time. Our certification laboratory can help you with that as well.


Sometimes you have a situation where you have a quick job and you need a tool just for a short period. If that is the case then we can help you with our rental fleet. We rent pumps, wrenches, hydrotest pumps, rams and all sorts of other hydraulic and pneumatic tools.


Also since the market has its ups and downs and requirements fluctuate, we can help train you and your personnel when you are expanding into a new arena.


Finally, if you need help on site, some “boots on the ground”, we can come to site and help with that as well. We can show you how to use the tools, we can repair tools on site, we can even use the tools ourselves if that is what is required. If you have a larger project which is starting up, we can help you create budgets, schedules and project based plans.

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