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HPP Pumps

The HPP range of two stage gasoline engine driven hydraulic pumps is ideally suited for applications in locations where there is no electricity or compressed air supply available. The range has similar reservoir and valve options (excluding solenoid valves) as electric and air powered pumps. All models are 10000 psi maximum working pressure and offer a low pressure flow rate of 610.24 inch3/min with automatic changeover to a high pressure flow rate of 79.33 inch3/min. Powered by a 4.55 hp rated four stroke engine, the HPP range provides reliable, independent hydraulic power. All models are fitted with a protective roll bar carrying frame for easy transportation and handling. A full range of system components suitable for use with HPP pumps are available.

  • Working pressure 10000 psi

  • Two stage operation

  • Choice of 6.6, 10.56 or 15.84 gallons oil resevoir

  • Powerful gasoline engine

  • Externally adjustable pressure relief valve

  • Manual valve with load holding feature fitted as standard

  • Roll bar protection frame included



Maximum flow rate in3/min

HAP Pumps Specifications      

Wheel Trolley

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