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HPC Cylinders

The HPC pull cylinder range comprises of four models, with capacities ranging from 11 to 55 tons of pulling force. All models are 10000 psi maximum working pressure and feature a single acting, spring assisted return piston. Fitted with easily replaceable machined pulling eyes on the piston rod and cylinder base, the 11 tons capacity version can also be supplied with clevis eye attachments. Typical applications for HPC pull cylinders are plate alignment prior to welding in shipyards, cable tensioning and heavy load moving using chains or wire ropes.

  • Capacities from 11 to 55 tons

  • Stroke length 5.99 inches

  • Working pressure 10000 psi

  • Spring assisted return

  • Surface treated priston rod

  • Replaceable pulling and clevis eyes

  • Piston wiper prevents contamination

  • Protective bellows fitted as standard

  • Customized and special design cylinders are available on request


HPC Cylinder Specifications

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