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HP Manual Pumps - High Flow

The HP245 range of high flow, two speed, manually operated pumps is ideally suited for applications where high tonnage cylinders are to be used on sites, without any available electric or compressed air power supply. Both models are suitable for working pressures up to 10000 PSI and the very high, low pressure displacement (6.89 inch3 per stroke), enables fast piston extension (and retraction) under no load. These high performance pumps are also ideally suited to multiple cylinder lifting applications where a larger volume of oil is required to complete the job. Available with a 2-way valve for single acting cylinders or a 4-way valve for double acting cylinders, both models are supplied with a pre-filled 2.64 gallon oil reservoir and are ready for immediate use.

  • High flow manual pump

  • Working pressure 10000 PSI

  • 2 stage with semi automatic changeover

  • Durable steel construction

  • Factory set safety relief valve

  • Changeover pressure 406 psi

  • Low handle effort characteristics

  • 2.64 gallons of usable oil capacity



HP Pump - High Flow Specifications      
Displacement per stroke inch3

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