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HHR Cylinders

The HHR double acting hollow piston cylinder range incorporates all of the design features of the HHS range with the added benefit of double acting design, which greatly enhances speed of operation and performance particularly in the longer length stroke options. Additionally a substantial hydraulic pulling force is available in the piston retraction mode of operation. Standard range models are featured here, however other stroke and tonnage options are available on request.

  • Capacities from 33 to 247 tonnes

  • Stroke lengths from 51 to 305 mm

  • Working pressure 700 bar

  • Hollow piston design for tooling, maintenance and tensioning applications

  • Nitrocarburised piston rod

  • Annular area overload protection valve

  • Low friction bearing surfaces

  • Anti-extrusion seals

  • Optional piston rod saddles

  • Collar thread protector supplied as standard

  • Customized and special design cylinders are available on request


HHR Cylinder Specifications

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