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HEP5 Pumps

The HEP5 series two stage electric driven hydraulic pump range offers the highest flow rate combination in the Hi-Force range. Offering a low pressure flow rate of 1067.91inch3/min with automatic changeover to a superb high pressure flow rate of 115.95 inch3/min. The HEP5 offers all the features of the HEP2 and HEP3 series with the addition of a 3.0 hp high speed, heavy duty motor, making it the ideal pump unit for all heavy duty applications, requiring a high flow and intensive usage over longer time periods.

  • Working pressure 10000 psi

  • Two stage operation

  • Choice of 10.56 or 15.84 gallon oil reservoir

  • Externally adjustable pressure relief valve

  • Manual valve with load holding feature fitted as standard (excl. 2-way valves)

  • Solenoid valve options available



HEP5 Pumps Specifications      

Maximum Flow Rate inch3/min


1) All 380/440V models are suitable for operation at 50Hz and 60Hz

2) To order pumps with low voltage solenoid valve with hand pendant controller, suffix the pump model with 'S'

3) Other configurations are available on request

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