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HAP Pumps

The HAP two stage air powered hydraulic pump range offers a low pressure flow of 610.24 inch3/min with automatic changeover to 10000 psi high pressure flow rate of 79.33 inch3/min. Driven by a powerful 4.08 kW rotary air motor with a maximum air consumption of 84.75 cubic feet per minute at 100 psi inlet air pressure, the HAP range offers a choice of pump mounted or remote control valves and oil reservoirs all fitted with filler and drain plugs. A full range of system components suitable for use with HAP pump units are available.

  • Working pressure 10000 psi

  • Compact, lightweight & powerful

  • Standard 100 psi air input pressure required

  • Choice of 2-way or 4-way control valves

  • Internal safety overload valve

  • Reservoir oil sight level gauge

  • Standard oil reservoir capacities up to 2.64 gallons



HAP Pumps Specifications      

Maximum flow rate in3/min
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