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BPP Pumps

The Hi-Force BPP107 series battery powered hydraulic pump is designed for operator convenience in terms of handling and power supply. Driven by a powerful 14.4V long life battery the unit takes away the physical effort required by a manually operated hand or foot pump, whilst at the same time eliminating the need for an external power source. The pump’s ergonomic lightweight design (17.6 lbs) also makes the unit very portable and user friendly for the operator with a handy shoulder strap supplied with the pump. The pump incorporates an automatic pressure relief and release valve meaning that the pressure automatically relieves once the pump reaches its maximum pressure of 10000 psi, making the pump ideal for use with Hi-Force CH series crimping tools, NS series nut splitters, HCH cutters and HKP series knockout punchers.

  • Working pressure 10000 psi

  • Lightweight design

  • 14.4V long life battery



Dimensions in inch

Oil Flow inch3/min

BPP Pumps Specifications      

Optional Accessories

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